"Life must be lived forwards but can only be understood backwards."
- Kierkegaard

Therapy with Multilinguals
“After all, a foreign language is like art - an alternative reality, a potential world. Once it is discovered, one can no longer go back to monolinguistic existence.”- Svetlana Boym
About me
Multilingual clients face a complex choice when they consider therapy. Languages we speak make us who we are. In which language should one speak with their therapist? With some of my clients we share a mother tongue, with others a couple of second languages. But no matter whether we are in this lucky situation or not, I will always be listening and making sure your “other” language is welcomed to the room.
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Therapy comes in various shapes and forms. At different stages of your journey some of these paths may be particularly helpful. Explore your options:
"UNLOCKED tells the stories of ten different people in therapy in various cultural and geographical contexts – from Saudi Arabia to Venice or New York."
My Books
"This book aids therapists in understanding displacement-related issues, benefiting clients like emigrants, expats, migrants, and digital nomads who've relocated to new cultures."
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The objective of this blog is to give an idea of how I practice psychotherapy
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About Me
I offer therapy to adults, with a particular focus on displacement--related issues, such as loss, anxiety, loneliness, identity confusion, and shame.
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