Couples and Family Therapy

I offer couples counseling for mixed couples online and in Paris.
My personal experience of a multicultural family makes me particularly interested and sensitive to the relational dynamics of mixed couples.
How are your different backgrounds impacting the way you communicate with your partner? What makes your uniquely blended couple so special?
Raising awareness around the richness of your respective cultural backgrounds may help to improve your communication, and to negotiate a better life together.

One of the most shared concerns for couples who come to therapy is communication issues.
​There is no problem with choice of the common language for the homogenous couples, where both partners use their first language to communicate with each other. Multicultural couples, always multilingual, face a more complex situation.
Making a better sense of how the common language can bring us closer or drive us apart opens ways to a better relationship.
I practice in English, French, Italian, and Russian, so if we share a couple of common languages, I will have more chances to understand each partner better. I usually suggest to meet individually with each partner at the initial stages of our work.

Why couples counseling online?
Having to find the time in two busy diaries for a couple session is often complicated, and avoiding the commuting time makes it more practical, as you can choose where to connect from.

If you need more inspiration before reaching out, you can read these blog posts about my online practice with mixed couples: Mixed Couples, mixed feelings, Je t’aime, me neither

Feel free to contact me by phone or email to set up your introductory session.
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I offer therapy to adults, with a particular focus on displacement--related issues, such as loss, anxiety, loneliness, identity confusion, and shame.
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