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Have you ever found it difficult to make true friends, to have a romantic relationship work, or to develop satisfying relationships with family or colleagues? Relational problems can make us feel lonely and terrible about ourselves. Group therapy can be a wonderful resource and a place where you can eventually get better at all these things. Of course, no gain without pain, and you will have to invest some hard work and a part of yourself into the process.
The main advantage of an interpersonal group is its ‘social microcosm’ quality. In a shared effort, we all work towards making this group a safe space, in which everyone can feel free to self-disclose and give honest feedback to other participants. This is a precious learning experience, which will help you to be better at relationships in the ‘outside world’. This group can also become a major support in your life at difficult times.
Since the pandemic, therapy groups’ transition to the online has been accelerated. Research confirms online group’s effectiveness and suggests that some individuals may benefit from online groups even more than in-person ones. We will discuss during the intake individual session whether the online setting can work for you.
I offer an individual intake session to all members, which is an opportunity to talk about group works and about whether and how you may individually benefit from participating. After this meeting I will invite you to fill the Group Therapy Questionnaire (GTQ), which is proved to be an efficient tool for selecting group members.
Previous experience of individual therapy is a prerequisite as some level of self-awareness will make your participation more valuable to you and to the rest of group.

Benefits of combined therapy

For my individual clients, if at some stage of our work I realise that they may benefit from participating in the group, I can offer them this option. Group therapy is a precious opportunity to receive real-time feedback about one’s way of acting in relation to others, whilst individual sessions is a space to process what has happened in the group and envision further risk taking and rehearse the deeper involvement in the group. Combining these two modalities is a rare opportunity to deepen our understanding of how we function in relationships and accelerate the process of change.


The number of members is limited to eight people.
Groups are open-ended and running every other week.
At the moment I have one active group that I co-lead with Dr Victor Yalom. It meets every other Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm CET; the fee is 50 € per session. If you are interested and would like more information, please reach out by email or phone.

Length of the sessions: 90 min.

The day and time is agreed for each group once it is complete, accommodating members availability and time zone.

Participation and Guidelines for Participation in Group Therapy
Feel free to contact me by phone or email to set up your introductory session.
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I offer therapy to adults, with a particular focus on displacement--related issues, such as loss, anxiety, loneliness, identity confusion, and shame.
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