Individual Psychotherapy Online and in person

______I meet with my clients in my Paris therapy practice or online by Zoom. Some of my clients are expatriates living in Paris, others are based in different parts of the world. Many are highly mobile and must constantly adjust to the challenges of their peripatetic lifestyle.
Some of the posts in my Blog are dedicated to my online practice and will give you an idea about how I work.
I usually do not give advice. I make sure to be fully present for you, listen carefully, and try to tell you what I hear you saying that you might not have heard for yourself — the unconscious part of your communication. I may encourage you to bring your dreams to our sessions which will help us to uncover some of your unconscious processes that impact your behaviour.
I do not treat symptoms, nor do I focus exclusively on one aspect of your issues. You are a complex person, and we cannot isolate parts of you. In the session, we will often address something completely different from what you expected, but as you may soon find out, everything is interconnected in your life story. Identifying the main themes of your narrative will help you to advance, making better choices for yourself.
Good therapy can feel challenging at times but is also a fascinating journey.
If you need some extra inspiration before you move forward with online therapy, you can read UNLOCKED, the collection of short stories inspired by the online work I have been doing for a decade.

Feel free to contact me by phone or email to set up your introductory session.
About Me
I offer therapy to adults, with a particular focus on displacement--related issues, such as loss, anxiety, loneliness, identity confusion, and shame.
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